What's Happening in Parliament

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Yemen held an event to mark the 2nd anniversary of Yemen’s civil war on Thursday the 6th of July in Parliament. This was the first event held by the APPG following the 2017 General Election.

The speakers at the event were Dr Abu-bakr Al-Kirbi the former Foreign Minister of Yemen, Sherine El Taraboulsi McCarthy from the Overseas Development Institute, Shinjiro Murata from Medicines Sans Frontiers and Imran Madden from Islamic Relief UK. Keith Vaz MP chaired the event and it was co-chaired by Alison Thewliss MP.

The event had three primary areas of discussion, the humanitarian crisis, progress to securing a ceasefire and the next steps for Yemen’s stability and development.

Dr Al- Kirbi, the longest serving Yemeni foreign minister in history spoke of the difficulties of implementing UN Resolutions on Yemen, the proxy conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia and his belief that the National Dialogue held the roadmap to peace.

Imran Madden raised the alarming lack of activity in Yemen’s trading classes as an issue that must be recognised if the country is to rebuild.

Sherine El Tarabousli McCarthy raised the conflicts geopolitical impacts examining Saudi Arabian policy, the impact of the sanctioning of Qatar and the need for states to create incentives for peace.

Shinjiro Murata had returned from Yemen just a week prior to the event and had been heading MSF’s Yemen branch. The experiences Shinjiro raised regarding conditions for everyday Yemeni’s were insightful and were welcomed by all attendees.